The Seventh floor is an all-day pub and restaurant situated on the seventh floor of our complex. Here we bring out the best in authentic Thai gastronomy and fuse it with our own signature style. All menu items are carefully selected and artfully-prepared by our chef, featuring simple meals made with ingredients picked fresh from local sources, that will surely satisfy you.

A combination of loft and vintage style, the Seventh Floor offers a homey ambience and gracious service. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet or a la carte in the morning, and signature drinks and local brews at night. There are diner-style tables, perfect for fine-dining and cocktails, as well as a supremely charming outdoor patio ideal for any celebration. Open every day from 6.00 to 24.00, available for private events.

For reservation Tel +66 2 748 1558 ext.3

Mobile : +66 86 695 4455